Les logiciels qui suivent sont tous gratuits, mais je vous demande de citer les articles publiés sur lesquels ces logiciels sont basés.  Les logiciels avec hyperliens peuvent être téléchargés directement; vous pouvez me contacter pour avoir les autres logiciels.

The following are a list of exectutable programs that I have written for carrying out various statistical procedures; most are based on my own publications.  These are  freeware  programs that can be downloaded directly from here.


COMPLET: A Monte Carlo procedure to test for transitivity in multi-species competition matrices

PERMCOR: a program that implements a permutation procedure to test for the equality of multiple correlation or covariance matrices, or subsets of these matrices

EXCEL spreadsheet for 2-harvest growth analysis.  See: Hunt, R., Causton, D.R., Shipley, B. and Askew, A.P. 2002. A modern tool for classical plant growth analysis.  Annals of Botany.

PMANOVA -un logiciel en français pour effectuer une analyse multiple d'analyse de la variance (avec blocs) par permutations (donc non parmétrique).  Il faut aussi avoir le logiciel DOS4GW.EXE dans la même répertoire.

DSPLINE - a program for estimating values and 1st or 2nd derivatives using a cubic spline smoother; used especially for estimating growth parameters.  From Shipley & Hunt (1996). Regression smoothers for estimating parameters of growth analysis.  Annals of Botany 78:569-576.

Maxent (R function, documentation, DOS executable program) to accompany Shipley, B., Vile, D. & Garnier, E. 2006. From plant traits to plant communities: a statistical mechanistic approach to biodiversity.  Science 316: 1425.  NOTE THAT THIS CAN NOW BE OBTAINED IN THE FD LIBRARY OF R.

pMaxent - a FORTRAN program that impliments the permutation test for maxent models, as described in Shipley, B. (2010).  Inferential permutation tests for maximum entropy models in ecology.  Ecology 91:2794-2805..NOTE THAT THIS CAN NOW BE OBTAINED IN THE FD LIBRARY OF R.

EPA  Exploratory Path Analysis (R script implementing Pearl's Causal Inference algorithm)


 You can also get the FORTRAN code for these programs if you want (and if I still have them!); Just contact me (Bill.Shipley@USherbrooke.ca).  I will simply send them as an attachment to your email address.  Please quote the proper paper when citing the program in a publication.  These are all DOS executable programs; if you run these in WINDOWS then you will have to create a DOS window first.


Programs that accompany Cause and Correlation in Biology.