Files and information for intensive course in causal analysis

Instructions for using the sem function in R

Instructions on using the ggm function in R

Modified script for shipley.test (shipleytest2.txt)

WORD notes McGill March 2012

R script for EPA (Exploratory path analysis);

R script for gen.path.model.3.1;

text file (jordano.dat) holding data from Jordano, P. (1995). Frugivore-mediated selection on fruit and seed size: birds and St. Lucie's cherry. Ecology 76:2627-2639.

text file (nature complete.dat) holding the data from Wright, I. et al. (2004). The worldwide leaf economics spectrum. Nature 428:821-827.

Causal Toolbox zipped files

Additional PowerPoint presentations

d-sep and exploratory methods

An intuitive introduction to path analysis and d-separation

path analysis and maximum likelihood

measurement models and maximum likelihood

SEM details (chapter 6)